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Removals Company 24/7 – Terms and Conditions

By confirming a booking with Removals Company 24/7, you acknowledge agreement with these terms.

Fixed Price Agreement

Fixed prices cannot be changed, however in case of events beyond the control of the company, customers and the company may agree to amend the existing contract, which may materialize as a new agreement.

Cancellation of Agreement

The company requires a small deposit prior to the service being carried out. This payment needs to be made for compensating our time, in case of an unwanted cancellation by the customer. If you choose to cancel the agreement, Removals Company 24/7 holds the right to retain a specific amount from the initial deposit (to cover for damages).

Work Not Included in the Agreement

Our team will not be liable to carry out any tasks which are not covered by the original agreement. While our staff may perform such tasks to facilitate the client, they will not be liable to do so.

Parking Charges And Arrangements

We expect the client to secure parking space for the collection of items. Please ensure proper parking arrangements before the arrival of our removal team. Furthermore, the customer is liable to pay parking charges or fine to the concerned authorities (if applicable).

Damage and Breakage

We do not take any responsibility of any damage or breakage of  items, which may occur due to the customer’s negligence.

Extra Charges For Delays

We may charge an extra amount if there is a delay caused by the customer.

Delay in Service

We provide a punctual service and expect the same from our clients. In case our team is late to arrive for the removal process, the aforementioned will not be applicable. If a delay is caused due to unforeseen circumstances, our team will make up for the time lost by completing the task beyond the agreed time frame, without extra charges.